Flashback … August’2014 My first British Summer

February 2014 was probably one of the most difficult time of my life . I was still coping with my Dad’s death and around the same time my husband Informed me that we were relocating to London by summer . I was perplexed.. not sure if I was happy or sad . Various thoughts engulfed me since I had never lived abroad . I had to uproot myself from a city I grew up in and being away from family and friends was breaking me .

To be honest I was sad ,very sad ! Thought of leaving a career of 13 years wasn’t easy .

June’ 2014-  by then I had resigned from my job . It was time to pack our stuff and move our belongings from Mumbai to Kolkata and spend some time with our family before we finally relocated.

July’2014 -Arindam was already in London and I was still in a mumbai wrapping up errands and waiting for my visa to come through .

August 19th’ 2014 Morning – I woke up in the morning and said to myself , “last day in Mumbai , enjoy to the fullest ”

oh ya ! It was my birthday and I had no plans made as yet .  I was worried because I was still not completely packed & was leaving in few hours  ( 2 am technically 20th Aug’) .

After handing over the keys to my landlord and catching up with a friend for lunch I was back home . Arindam ( Ronnie ) was panicking if I’ll be able to make it to the airport on time as I had still not finished packing .

19th Aug’2014 , 9 PM – the door bell rang. Helloooo … it was Sampurna , Rishi, Srikant , Deepa & Roop with a Birthday cake and some beer 🍻to celebrate my  last party in Mumbai and say goodbye .

11 PM the door bell rang again, and this time it was Imran , as usual he had fallen asleep and arrived late and I was sure he had forgotten that he had offered to drop me to the airport along with the others .

Finally we left home and reached the airport , after all the Rona Dhona ( I was crying like a baby)  I boarded the flight to London .

A new day , a new beginning: 20th Aug ‘2014 – London embraced me with blue skies , light drizzle and a whole new world was ahead of me ..

I felt welcomed ,  I told myself ,” hey girl ! You gotta accept the change , you gotta make a difference ”

My first British summer in London changed me as a person .. It made me believe that there is much more to life than being in a  fast paced corporate jungle trying to prove yourself and to enjoy that high in life where you are standing alone and there is no one else besides you .

Until next time



5 thoughts on “Flashback … August’2014 My first British Summer

  1. Great start Ton😘… I am sure will keep having interesting stuffs to read now onwards😍😍
    P.S. Anything except food🙈🙈😂😂

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