Zdravo Hrvatska (Hello Croatia) 

After staying up for 33 hours,  and a terribly bumpy flight, I landed at Dubrovnik this morning .Needless to say , I am still up . 

My to do list was ready ( Ya ya ya Ronnie , it’s yours !  Ronnie saw me typing this and said “Really? your To do list ?? Ho Hmm !! 

It was a beautiful start to the day driving from Dubrovnik airport to the old city . The drive along the coastline of Adriatic Sea was  absolutely spectacular . We quickly got changed and started walking through the cobbled streets towards the old city . 

The narrow roads leading to the town centre had is own charm . it’s eye catching landscapes are mesmerising. And the best part was , it wasn’t over crowded with tourists in every corner with selfie sticks .

The Mediterranean lunch at Poliskar was awesome . The restaurant was overlooking the old harbour with sail boats and ferries docked at the backdrop .It was really a beautiful sight .Yasssss !!  We were finally away from the hustle bustle of London. Every dish  brought  to the table was delectable . Especially the lemony tuna steak, octopus with chickpeas and the chicken liver pate was outstanding. Being a chef I am over critical about the food when I eat out 😝 but everything was spot on . 

Our plan was to walk the city  walls post lunch but we ended up at a beach bar called Buza that took our breath away . The bar was overlooking the Magnificent Adiriatic sea . Blue waters , retro music , Vodka lemonade and the hungry screams of Seagulls got us glued to the bar until dusk to experience the most beautiful & surreal sunset ever . 

Sharing few moments I captured today.

If you like them do leave a comment & share 🙂 

It would be amazing to hear from you . 

Until next time 



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Today’s dose of Vitamin D
Shining like gold
Don’t fall off the cliff Dude
Turquoise Water
Luckiest Tabby on a couch of his own
Lemony Tuna steak
Braised Octopus 🐙 with chickpeas

12 thoughts on “Zdravo Hrvatska (Hello Croatia) 

  1. Looks Impresive! Iv been there, it is the type of places you will never forget! It’s very romantic. I did asked locals if they spray a viagra in the air, it made me feel like I’m in love all the time 😍😍;)

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  2. It was such a captivating writeup….I was almost feeling to be right there.Happy to see u enjoying yet another holiday in a beautiful place.Have a great time dear and keep rocking .

    Liked by 1 person

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